Thomas Compton Carleton against Descartes’s rejection of forms: Cursus Philosophicus Universus 3rd ed., Antwerp 1698, disp. 11-12 (selections).

I translated this text for an undergraduate seminar on hylomorphism. It’s not very polished, but it is serviceable. Thomas Compton Carleton was a Spanish trained Jesuit who spent his career teaching philosophy and theology in Belgium. This text contains some entertaining snark, and it reflects a scholastic attitude both towards Descartes as a philosopher and towards Cartesian doctrines. It includes some interesting arguments against Descartes’s mechanical explanation of heat.

Pedro Hurtado de Mendoza on truth: Universa Philosophia, Lyon, 1624, de substantia corporea  animata, d. 9, ss. 1-5, pp. 573-584.

In this text Hurtado defends the unusual view that the truth of a proposition is identical (and therefore essential) to that proposition. The text also includes an interesting discussion of whether or not a proposition can change truth-value. Hurtado says it cannot because a time-index is part of the content of any proposition.